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Program Guidelines For Adult Education

Student Code

The Bethany Center for Adult Education (BCAE) expects its students to be accountable for their conduct and to represent BCAE in a positive, responsible manner. The code exists to provide parameters for students and their behavior as they represent BCAE during the entirety of their experience. A student could forfeit their right to remain enrolled if he/she fails to abide by these rules.


Students are expected to attend class Monday-Thursday. Any special situations that will affect a student’s ability to attend classes on a consistent basis will be handled by conference with the Executive Director.


Students may NOT wear any clothing, jewelry, or other adornment with marijuana leaves, illegal drug symbols, skull and cross bone symbols, gang symbols, or any clothing items that the school will deem inappropriate.


The following dress items are NOT allowed:


The following dress items are NOT allowed:


All students are expected to maintain behavior that is conducive to a positive classroom environment.

  1. Compliance with instructor/tutor instructions
  2. Respect for instructors/tutors
  3. Academic productivity (no sleeping, laziness, etc.)
  4. Positive student interaction (no loud or disruptive student conversations, etc...)


Cell phones are to be turned OFF or in VIBRATE mode and must NOT BE VISIBLE when you are in the classroom. In case of an emergency, teachers must be notified that you need to step out of the classroom to take a call. All other calls should be made before class, during breaks, and after class.

I-pods, Mp3 Players, and any other electronic devices are NOT TO BE VISIBLE OR USED IN THE CLASSROOM.


No smoking is allowed anywhere on the Bethany Center for Adult Education campus per U.S. fire code regulations.
This includes OUTSIDE and PARKING LOTS.


Students who are waiting on school to start, on break, or waiting for a ride, are required to remain on campus. The campus is considered as: the school porch; classrooms; and parking lot immediately in front of school. Students are NOT allowed to leave campus, or to sit in their cars, or loiter around the Bethany Church campus.

General Policies


All student discipline will be handled through a system of both verbal warnings, and write-ups that will be placed in the student’s school file. The following discipline system will be utilized for all BCAE students:


Immediate dismissal will occur in the event of violent actions/ threats of any kind, drug related activity, possession of weapons (knives, bombs, firearms) or inappropriate physical contact (caressing, kissing, inappropriate touching, etc...) with students, staff or volunteers, or any incident or behavior that a suspension is deemed appropriate. All dating is absolutely discouraged on our campus.

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